It’s Time for you to Discover what Superstar feels like!

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You’ve tried them all… creams, masks, toners and the occasional facial. But nothing gives you that Superstar skin feeling every day?

Now Pestle & Mortar is here with a magically refreshing product that repairs and refreshes your skin while you sleep! The Superstar retinol night oil – your secret to hydrated, glowing, rejuvenated skin – overnight, every night.

Every day your skin is exposed to the elements – the sun, the winds, that office aircon, long working hours, make-up and what not! Isn’t it time you gave it some rest? Just like you, your skin needs its vacation too – a time to relax, refresh, soak in the goodies and come out feeling alive.

Introducing the Superstar night oil by Pestle and Mortar

Superstar contains a superior blend of organic oils that reduce pore size, targets fine lines and evens out your skin tone and texture. Its ingredients are carefully selected, and cold pressed using booster technology in Ireland, to deliver the right mix of Vitamins A, E, C and B along with Omegas 3 and 6.

Why Superstar Night Oil?

It Reduces Pore Size

The cold pressed grape seed oil in Superstar helps your skin soak it all up, reduce pore size, tighten the skin and improve elasticity.

It Evens out Skin Texture and Tone

Superstar contains cold pressed organic rosehip oil, carrot oil and sunflower oil – all of which are excellent anti ageing oils and help stimulate cell growth to repair damaged skin.

It Reduces Fine Lines

The black cumin seed oil, pomegranate oil and jojoba oil in Superstar help fend off free radicals, resulting in a smooth revitalised complexion.

How Superstar works Best for your Skin?

Retinol Night Oil Superstar By Pestle & MortarSimply cleanse and tone your face before bedtime, and apply one pump of Superstar night oil. Avoid the lip and eye area. Wake up to a fresh new start every morning!

Formulated with a unique booster technology, Superstar gets to work deep beneath your skin while you’re asleep. Result is a wonderfully toned complexion and texture that greets you in the mirror every morning!


Superstar is Free from…

Like other Pestle & Mortar products, Superstar is free from animal derived raw materials, organic solvent remnants, parabens, propylene glycol, is fragrance-free and not tested on animals.

Discover the Superstar in you!

With time and everyday pressures, sometimes our body and skin are taken for granted. Now, see your skin rediscover its glow and radiance every passing day. All you need is a touch of Superstar!

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2 replies on “It’s Time for you to Discover what Superstar feels like!

  • Nina Potter

    I bought all three of your products. At night, do I apply Superstar first, then the Serum, then the Moisturiser? In other words, can I use all three of your products together at night?

    • Caoimhe - Customer Service

      Hi Nina,

      Yes you can you all 3 products together. Superstar fits in to your routine after cleansing & toning. So Cleanse – Tone – Night Oil – Followed by any other products you may use such as serums or moisturisers.

      If you have any other questions please feel free to email them to

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